The history of Miura began with the development of the Z Boiler in 1959. Our motto states: “Miura aims to be the best partner for energy, water and environment with our Technoservice Evolution”. With this goal, we have continued our efforts in evolution and development for almost 50 years as a technoservice group with a proven record of responding to customer requirements by creating the best technology. Miura provides new products and services that satisfy customers in the fields of water treatment, technologies using heat energy, and environmental solutions. Our competence is grounded in the expertise gained as the market leader for small once-through boilers in Japan. Miura is constantly striving towards our objective of supporting and inspiring the world as the leading company in the fields of energy, water and environment.

History of MIURA

1959 - Boilers Z Development.

1960 - Started production of Z boilers .

1972 - Launching system (ZMP) Z Boiler Maintenance Program .

1978 - Develop sterilizer (Auto clev) for the needs of the business Establish medicine Start system MI (Multiple Tank Installation) .

1980 - Established a branch office in Taiwan MIURA As a first step in developing their business abroad.

1981 - Opening MI effectiveness seminars to familiarize Multiple Tank Installation.

1982 - Observations offices in Korea and the United States, and founded the Korean MIURA Industry established.

1986 - Removing the patent rights MI.

1989 - Start Online system the Tokyo Stock Maintenance and Osaka stock exchange stock exchange rises.

1990 - Starting a special sale for Boiler deoxidize and deoxidize tool used for the building and the mansion.

1991 - Started sales of boiler SQ Z series boiler system using non farness Apply automatic shutter system on the Slide deoxidize medical equipment.

1992 - MIURA Environmental Science Research Room.

1994 - Small Once-through boilers (boiler SQ Z series) received an award from the Japan Gas Association of Technology .

1995 - Small once-through boiler (boiler SQ Z series) received an award from the Institution of mechanical Japan.

1996 - Started sales of equipment for soft water softener housing and Home (type of boiler is installed outside of buildings).

1998 - The first Sales for the type of boiler waste heat boiler.

2000 - Obtaining ISO 9001 certification.

2001 - MIURA institute of environmental science to get the ISO / IEC 17025 and is the first institution in Japan to obtain the certificate.

2004 - MIURA industry.Co.Ltd, MIURA protech.Co.Ltd and MIURA International to spin off. Established PT.MIURA Equipment Industry at Suzhou industry islands.

2007 - Obtain ISO 14001 certification.

2008 - Merger between industry MIURA, MIURA PROTECH and MIURA International.
- MIURA MAUFACTURING AMERICA Co,. Ltd. established in U.S.A ., and MIURA SOUTH EAST ASIA Pte. Ltd. established in Singapore.

2009 - PT MIURA INDONESIA establish in Indonesia on June 1.

Message From President Director

  • Kenji Ochi President Director

    PT MIURA INDONESIA focusing our efforts in the field of Small Size Once-Through Boilers environmentally friendly, running the business and offer customers special products, food equipment, medical equipment, water treatment equipment, and other products that use technology as a foundation boilers; will but also focuses attention on the maintenance services to support its products. We will try to provide high-quality service as we have done in Japan. For that we expect support from you all.
  • ミウラインドネシアは環境にやさしい小型貫流ボイラ事業を中心にし、ボイラ技術を基盤にした特機製品、食品機械、メディカル機器、水処理機器など様々な分野へ事業を拡大すると共に、製品を支えるメンテナンスサービスにも注力してきて、日本と同じようなサービスをお客様に提供しております。皆様方のより一層のご支援を賜りますよう、よろしくお願い申し上げます。